Special Lunch Set Menu

Two courses £ 12.95
Valid from Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 3pm


Bruschetta with fresh cherry tomatoes

Garlic bread with cheese

Tomato soup served with bread

Goats cheese in Beer Tempura

King prawns in beer tempura

Baked mushrooms in Gorgonzola sauce

Aubergine Parmiggiana

Main Courses

Penne amatriciana with pancetta, chillies and cherry tomato sauce

Ravioli asparagus and ricotta in tomato sauce

Ravioli spinach and ricotta in butter and sage sauce

Linguine carbonara

Pappardelle with calf liver

Garganelli (egg pasta) with lamb Bolognese

Linguine with prawns in spicy cherry tomato sauce

Linguine with mussels, chillies in white wine sauce

Grilled chicken fillet with olive oil and lemon dressing, veg and potatoes

Pollo Milanese served with salad & potatoes


Panna Cotta

Cheese cake


Ice cream

Set Menu to suit your budget available.