Special Lunch Menu

Available Thursday to Saturday 12 - 3pm


Bruschetta with fresh cherry tomatoes   £3.00

Garlic bread   £2.00

Garlic bread with cheese   £3.00

Mussels in spicy tomato cherry sauce with garlic bread   £5.00

Main Courses

Penne amatriciana with pancetta, chillies and cherry tomato sauce   £7.50

Penne arrabbiata in spicy cherry tomato sauce   £6.50

Ravioli asparagus and ricotta in tomato sauce   £8.50

Ravioli spinach and ricotta in butter and sage sauce   £8.00

Linguine carbonara   £8.00

Pappardelle with cream and mushrooms   £8.50

Linguine with lamb Bolognese   £8.00

Linguine with prawns in spicy cherry tomato sauce   £9.00

Linguine seafood, in spicy cherry tomato sauce   £12.00

Grilled chicken fillet with olive oil and lemon dressing, parmesan shavings, salad and potatoes   £11.00

Pollo Milanese served with linguine in cherry tomato sauce   £12.00

Sea bass fillet in cherry tomato sauce with green beans and potatoes   £12.00

Calf liver with vegetables and potatoes   £12.00