Wine List



The Wine List

White Wine

HOUSE WHITE – £4.25 /13.95

APULO FIANO – £4.95 /18.50
Fresh and flavourful with hints of exotic fruit and an attractive fruity character sustained by a lovely bright acidity. ABV: 12.5%

PINOT GRIGIO CA’ BOLANI – £5.35 /21.50
Fresh, juicy palate and mouth feel. Salty notes make it persistent in the finish. It is a bright straw yellow with a slight coppery tinge. ABV: 13%

SAUVIGNON CA’ BOLANI – £5.35 /21.50
A medley of elegant and well-pronounced fruity and floral aromas: pink grapefruit, passion fruit, white peach, hawthorn, green pepper, tomato leaf and sage. The finish is intense and persistent. ABV: 13%

CHARDONNAY CA’ BOLANI – £5.75 /22.50
Elegant and fine, fruity and floral, the bouquet is reminiscent of rennet apple, Bose pear, sage, thyme and rosemary. Assertive in the mouth, enveloping with good freshness. ABV: 13%

A balance between richness and acidity confers freshness and drinkability to this strongly structured wine. An aromatic impact of fresh citrus notes and white flowers along with pleasing hints of peach and apricot ABV: 13.5%

KERNER – £31.50
A bright yellow straw colour. To the nose Kerner offers an ample and seductive bouquet, with hints of fruits and undertones reminiscent of aromatic herbs. To taste this wine has power and density. ABV: 13%

GAVI DI GAVI – £37.50
Straw yellow colour with greenish highlights. Fresh, persistent aroma with hints of floral and fresh fruit. Pleasantly dry, crisp and harmonious. ABV: 12.5%.

Red Wine

HOUSE RED – £4.25 / 13.95

Ruby red with garnet reflections, intense, persistent and fruity. This full-bodied wine has good tannins and is very well balanced. ABV: 13%

Full-bodied wine, ruby red in colour, this is full of passion, spice, style and great taste. A combination of cranberry, black cherry flavours and a twist of spice makes this mellow beauty a very satisfying drop. ABV: 13%

SHIRAZ SOUTH AFRICA – £5.75 – 22.50
The Alvi’s Drift Shiraz has a medium colour with an attractive garnet hue. The wine is elegant and balanced. The aromas on the nose are a subtle blend of pepper and red berries with a hint of vanilla and chocolate. ABV. 13.5%

Fermented and aged only in stainless steel, it is a deep ruby wine with fragrant wild berry aromas with a round, richly flavoured palate and lingering finish. ABV: 13%

Cabernet Cantina Toblin has a scent with market hints of ripe red fruit with light vegetal and spicy notes. It is rich and exquisite in flavour.ABV: 13%

It has dark fruit aromas and elegant flavour of cherries, vanilla and blackberries with dry, velvety, balanced taste. ABV: 14%

AMARONE DOC – £55.00
This is an extremely elegant, _well-balanced wine with a robust and complex, full-bodied taste, hinting of black cherries, wild berries and exotic fruits. ABV: 15%

Rose Wine

HOUSE ROSE – £4.50 / 14.50


Sparkling & Champagne

HOUSE PROSECCO – £5.45 / 24.50

MOET & CHANDON – £52.00